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04:52pm 24/11/2005
im looking for anime songs doesn anyone know any good ones? and could you please say which anime its from? thanks
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03:43pm 24/11/2005

happy thanksgiving! ok heres the thing. im trying to get more people to join so at least tell 3 people about manga fan pics if they like drawling or anime. what im doing is posting other peoples pics that they drew since my scanner doesnt work at the moment,please do the same. I cant at the moment but later on today or tommrow i'll try to put something up.dont forget to tell people! thanks


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07:53pm 08/11/2005

 this one is naruto and its really good! please show your drawlings

( i did not draw this)

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08:27pm 02/11/2005
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eer...have another anime to add to interests list! ranma 1/2! awesome anime. lol...vanice...ADD!!!!
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09:10am 29/10/2005
btw this is renee on vanice's (the owner's) lj
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